Uganda in uncertainty, Politicians and soldiers ditching Despot Museveni for the opposition

Dear Bazukulu of the arm-rotting dictator,

As Uganda falls into political uncertainty, RNC terrorist Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabaligi and Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, have been instructed by the frail dictator to divert Ugandans’ attention to invented smears targeting the Rwandan leadership with intent to cause mayhem in Rwanda, which is in line with the tyrant’s wishful thinking from 1995.

What nutty troll Katureebe and one mentally deranged Sulah say about Rwanda contravenes the reality on the ground. Rwanda is not inelection mode and there has never been any fight to overthrow its leadership whatsoever. On the contrary in Uganda the race for presidency turns out to be bloody for many reasons. For instance there has been a significant change in the dynamics of the country’s politics which saw many prominent politicians, army and police officers declaring support to leading opposition politician Robert Kyagulangi aka Bobi Wine in the upcoming polls.

The diapers-wearing dictator Museveni has lost his nerve over the imminent failure of his usual rigging strategy with opposition members vowing to turn violent in case the frail despot rigs the polls, since they are now aware of being ahead in numbers.

Am informed that the security and intelligence agencies are divided over one tribe (BAHIMA) dominance in both appointments and promotions. The bedridden dictator Museveni is in panic over his diminishing power and influence within CMI, ISO, SFC. A mafia gang is believed to be pulling strings in the system which could soon lead to a ‘Mali’ like situation.

The recent loss suffered by NRM party in the youth elections has left the dictator a disturbed man, Museveni and his think tanks have been weighing in on various strategies to win the polls by hook or crook. Among the laid ones is to kill the King – Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II to scare off Baganda, the next will be poisoning Bobi Wine to prevent him from appearing on the ballot paper.

Bazukulu, the arm-rotting dictator is up to no good, after killing thousands and stealing almost every country resources, he’s on the ‘crushing’ spree to secure his reelection. As they say Change is the only constant thing in life, you have all it takes to ouster this Munyarwanda refugee and his Bahima cartels.

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