In “one-man’s show” Uganda, tired looking Despot Museveni dons military outfits to scare off the opposition

Dear Bazukulu of Dictator Museveni,

Your ailing tyrant has turned Uganda into a “one man’s show” where everything is done by Museveni, imagine a whole president commissioning the pass out of army recruits is credited as a very big public appearance, an event covered by all state owned and private media outlets, but of course for campaign purposes.

A Restless and tired dictator Museveni passing of recent basic police course and army (which is done by Inspector General of Police and Chief Defense Forces in other countries), his minion Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, thinks the Rwandan leadership should do what his paymaster does even when what he does is unconstitutional. Museveni’s choice of donning military outfit is a strategy to scare off the opposition by showing that he has full control of the national army and police, of which he has been using to crush his political opponents.

CMI funded attack dog Katureebe should remind himself that the Rwandan Head of State is doing his job for Rwandans, East Africans, Africans and beyond! His busy schedules would not accommodate copying what an idle ruler of the Matooke republic does; for him it is time to deliver to his mandate contrary to Museveni who is always stack in the campaign mode right from his swearing in ceremonies.

It is even laughable in these days and age to see a whole Head of State officiating the pass out of basic police and army recruits; In Rwanda and other functioning states, these duties are performed by Commandants of the training schools and the Army Chiefs. This has never been the work of the president.

If the frail tyrant Museveni is trying to remind himself basic police and military skills, he can go ahead and learn. No one needs to copy his mere public stunts aimed at instilling fear in Ugandans to justify his leadership abilities.

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