Dr Mukwege fights own shadows with unfounded threat allegations from Rwandan

The unscrupulous Congolese medical doctor Denis Mukwege is being falsely portrayed as a victim of threats and intimidation from the Rwandan government. His sympathizers mainly made of renowned genocide deniers and apologists are promoting an ill-conceived scheme aiming at tainting the Rwandan leadership image on the global area in the guise of advocating for Mukwege’s rights.

Mukwege and his partners’ claims were treated as baseless and mere excuses to justify his involvement in the clandestine operations with FDLR- a genocidal group responsible for the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. Being a supporter of FDLR has earned him scores in the club of western-based genocide deniers and apologists who are amplifying his unfounded intimidation claims on social media platforms.

Mukwege who is currently playing a sympathy card using his status and influence as Nobel Prize Co-Laureate has maintained silence about the threat of FDLR which has been a major factor in the destabilization of the entire Great Lakes region.

In his previous interview, a Rwandan General shed more light on the claims of killing 6 million Congolese nationals and Rwandan refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He reiterated that there has never been such a thing and it is a propaganda peddled by haters of Rwanda mainly made of defeated genocidaires and their sympathizers including Mukwege. Rwandan soldiers facilitated over 3 million refugees to peacefully return home which did not go down well with genocidaires who had hatched a plot to reorganize a rebel force to invade the country and topple the unity government. He debunked the discredited UN Mapping Report which was done by the same people intending at diverting attention and mudslinging the Rwandan leadership.

Despite positioning himself as a proponent of peace and human rights, Mukwege has remained silent on FDLR’s genocide and war crimes committed both in Rwanda and in the DR Congo, his sympathy with FDLR threatens the lives of the genocide survivors.

Mukwege’s allegations should be treated with the contempt they deserve, and when the rubber meets the road, his shoddy dealings will be exposed.

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