Money hungry Lt Tindifa fell in Kayumba Nyamwasa and Museveni’s trap

Dear Bazukulu of the Bloodthirsty Dictator

The Facebook audience has tuned in to another episode of Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere’s unending Afrocinema, where he alleges that the Rwandan Head of State ordered the killing of Lt Gerald Tindifa a few weeks after the Rwandan government revealed how the deserted officer escaped from his duty to join anti-Rwanda terrorist group in Uganda after being lured by Dictator Museveni’s Special Force Command (SFC).

An undisciplined, incompetent and drunkard, money hungry officer Tindifa just like Museveni’s puppet terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, Major Mupende, Micombero, Furuma and others failed to adhere to RDF’s professionalism and ethical standards, and the only place they could settle in was of course Uganda, where Museveni has turned the country into a political cooking pot for ‘Destabilize Rwanda’ projects.

Any sober mind would wonder what a whole Head of State would want to do with a mentally unfit and drunkard lieutenant like Tindifa.

All these incoherent rants aiming at tarnishing the image of the Rwandan government have always fallen flat, Ugandans no longer waste time reading Katureebe’s nonsensical propaganda. They are already aware that the ruthless dictator Museveni is up to no good, he killed thousands of their parents, children and is ready to eliminate as many as possible to remain in power.

Those who have worked with Museveni since the 1970s known very well that the bloodthirsty ruler of the Matooke Republic will kill everyone who opposes his lifetime presidency. Museveni’s did not think twice when his childhood friend, comrade Gen Aronda Nyakairima opposed the ‘Muhoozi Project’ same as when Gen Kasirye Gwanga declared his support to People Power movement’s Bobi Wine; Museveni is a sort of a murdered who can kill anyone for power.

Katureebe and his paymaster Museveni should be aware that Ugandans have set the ball rolling and are hot on their heels, it’s just a matter of time, the bedridden dictator and his cabal of Bahima will soon be kicked out of Uganda.

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