Genocide deniers’ misinformation tool AfroAmerica spins Nkubiri’s theft case

AfroAmerica, an online tabloid is the new kid on the block with regards to mudslinging the Rwandan leadership. Genocide deniers and apologists overseas use this website as a medium to peddle their anti-Rwanda propaganda.

The tabloid (known for publicizing Uganda regime funded terror groups RNC and FDLR agenda) rides on a case under investigation – of Kigali businessman Alfred Nkubiri – to throw mud at Rwanda.

Nkubiri and some others are under investigation over malpractices in the distribution of fertilizers in a Rwandan government tender that led to losses for the government.

But the narrative making rounds on “AfroAmerica” outlet is meant to divert attention from the real reasons why Nkubiri is being interrogated. The propagandist outlet and other anti-Rwanda tools fail to grasp the fact that in Rwanda rule of law prevails.

Once again they have taken their readers for a ride.

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