After their plans to launch armed aggression against Rwanda from DRC territory fail, anti-Rwanda groups resurrect the discredited ‘balkanisation’ theory

An anti-Rwanda propaganda online platform, ‘Afro-America network’ is advancing the long discredited “Kivu balkanisation” conspiracy theory.

“Afro-America network” is a tool of discredited Interahamwe, FDLR and genocide denialist networks that work together with groups like Nyamwasa’s RNC to mudsling the Rwanda leadership.

Everything they say about Rwanda has been proved to be manufactured rumors and misinformation with the objective of defaming, and tarnishing the image of Rwanda.

By manufactuting this particular laughable rumor that “Rwanda intelligence operatives are planning to free Vital Kamerhe” (a Congolese national that his own sovereign country has tried in its own judicial system) they further expose themselves. It is a desperate, naked ploy by “AfroAmerica network” to sow discord between Kinshasa and Kigali.

The genocidaire networks in partnership with RNC, and RNC’s Ugandan regime sponsors are a serious impediment of any good relations between neighbors Rwanda and Congo.

These networks (genocidaires and all their apologists, hand in hand with RNC terrorists, FDLR, RUD-urunana and their Kampala backers) prefer enmity and regional instability to peace and prosperity.

That is because they thrive in enmity and discord as it serves their interests best, i.e. continued use of Congolese territory as bases for their rebel groups. They have for years plundered, and looted innocent Congolese populations, while destabilizing regional security.

That is why they relentlessly manufacture even fictions as implausible as the one about Kamerhe: the goal is to create suspicion; to sow hate and division between neighbors.

That is why they are trotting out the fictitious, discredited “balkanisation” theory.

However, they deceive only themselves. Congolese people are absolutely tired of their shenanigans; their presence on Congolese territory, their atrocities, and no one will lie to the Congolese any longer.

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