Rwanda’s choice of rule of law and accountability irks Museveni’s attack dogs

The CMI-sponsored mouthpiece Obed Katureebe, operating the Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere pseudo Facebook account, is spinning his anti-Rwanda lies even more than usual this Saturday.

The failed Munyarwanda Obed Katureebe, one of the numerous minions of Museveni received a lot of Covid-19 money (as a bonus in his CMI-directed anti-Rwanda propaganda).

Katureebe who masquerades as a public servant in an office at Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) set up by his patrons Museveni. Katureebe (under the direct supervision of Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, head of CMI, is responsible for poisoning, torturing to death innocent Ugandans, others have been separated from their families), desperately wants to justify all the Covid-19 money he has been given. So he concocts all sorts of wild lies about Rwanda.

Katureebe now is distorting the case of Caleb Rwamuganza, the former permanent secretary in Rwanda’s finance ministry, with wild allegations that “Rwamuganza is in deep trouble”.

Obviously this is the modus operandi of all the propagandists and minions of Museveni in the Matooke Republic. They will jump on every legal case, or investigation in Rwanda to issue concocted claims that “they are about to die”, or that “they have disappeared!”

The minions of the Matooke Republic, described as “the most corrupt and thieving government in modern times under Museveni and his mafia cabals, however hard they try, will never manage to distort the fact that Rwanda is a country of rule of law.

Katureebe, a failed Munyarwanda that’s just another brazen thief in the Matooke Republic (how can he for instance explain the fact he received a lot of Covid-19 money?) tries to distort Rwanda’s rule of law with his deranged lies.

But Rwamuganza, and anyone under investigation for any reason in Rwanda will have their day in court, receive a fair trial, and either be acquitted or sentenced following a competent procedure.

Katureebe and his patrons on the other hand could just be jealous that Rwanda is regarded with such high respect in the world, in terms of clean governance and rule of law, while the Matooke Republic is run by one of the most reckless thieving cabals in the world.

It will always be difficult for Museveni’s mouthpiecesppp to understand Rwanda’s way of doing things. Matters to do with accountability, rule of law remain alien to the Matooke republic.

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