Museveni’s puppet, Obed Katureebe, milking Nkurunziza’s death

Obed Katureebe, a failed Munyarwanda, chief praise singer of Museveni is still dragging Rwanda into the death of Nkurunziza, and also as a means with which to smear and mudsling the Rwandan leadership.

This failed Munyarwanda, Obed Katureebe puppet of the ruler of the Matooke Republic works from a government office (Uganda Communications Commission) with the duty to concoct the wildest lies against Rwanda.

Katureebe – who works under instructions from the murderous thug, CMI chief Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho and his deputy Brig. CK Asiimwe – is hell bent on turning Nkurunziza’s death into “the doing of Rwanda”!

This buffoon needs professional psychiatric help. Is the clown unaware even Nkurunziza’s wife said the man died of Covid-19? What a desperate mook!

On the other hand, the world knows very well the real deaths (no concoctions) for which Museveni is responsible. When he killed Gen. Aronda because he was seriously opposed to the “Muhoozi Project”, Ugandans saw that. When he killed Brig. Mayombo, because Museveni feared that Mayombo would overshadow the genetically modified “Gen” Muhoozi for leadership, Ugandans saw that. Or when Museveni’s goons murdered Yassin Kawuma, (thinking it was the very popular Bobi Wine), everyone saw that!

Useless Katureebe should tremble, because Ugandans will demand the blood of his patron to pay for these deaths! Ugandans will demand answers for Andrew Kayiira’s death. They will demand answers for the deaths of very many people that Museveni’s mafia has killed.

Every morning, half brother Saleh, “Gen” Muhoozi, and the squalid little “angel of death” Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho of CMI sit down to plan the murders of Ugandans, such as the most recent murder of Gen. Kasirye Gwanga, which was planned in Kandiho’s office.

The outspoken Gwanga was ready to spill the dirty secrets of Museveni and his Mafias, then they grabbed him from his car in a high-level abduction, and locked him up. When Gwanga fell into the hands of Kandiho, he was “dead meat”!

Half Brother Saleh had already prepared some slow working poisons from the North Korean built Nakasongola lab. “Put this in the food of Gwanga, but when he isn’t looking”! Little thug Kandiho did as told, and that was the end of Gen. Gwanga!

These Mafias will answer for the death of a very popular general Kasirye.

They have a lot to answer for, including the wife of Museveni, Janet Kataha Museveni. This woman who walks around with a bible targeted Nantaba Aidah, because it was rumored Nantaba was having an affair with Museveni. But when killers failed to get Nantaba, instead they killed Ronald Ssebulime! This Janet Kataha Museveni is feared by all the women of the poor, benighted Matooke Republic! She has sent so many hitmen to eliminate anyone suspected of an affair with Museveni!

Katureebe should tremble because Ugandans will come for his patron, his family, his Mafias, and minions like himself, a failed Munyarwanda working for the Mafias.

Even parents that are crying because of the ruthless daughters of Museveni, Natasha and Patience Museveni, criminal females that have sold so many children of Ugandans into slavery in the Arab countries will come from them!

These criminal females of the family of Museveni are specialists in hypocricy! They like to move around with their bibles, spouting Christianity, but they are ruthless slave traders and landgrabbers. When any Ugandan they sell in the Middle East is exhausted to death, their owners (who buy the young Ugandans) are authorised by Natasha, or any of her sisters, to harvest their organs – hearts, kidneys, etc – to rich buyers.

They hold bibles, but they are apprentices of the Devil!

The Matooke Republic will be cleansed when people inevitably rise up and clear out the terrible family of Museveni, as well as his mafias and minions!

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