Senile Museveni chief ass licker, Obed Katureebe, creating a smokescreen for his senile sponsor

Obed Katureebe (Facebook alias Rpf Gakwerere) the chief Senile Museveni ass licker is posting his berserk fantasies. The idle thug is paid by CMI, handled by its boss Abel Kandiho and its deputy CK Asiimwe, to regurgitate anti-Rwanda misinformation and propaganda. Ass licker Katureebe spews more deranged fictions.

As he targets the Rwandan leadership, everyone knows he’s creating a smokescreen for the endless crimes against Ugandans by his Senile patron Museveni, his Somali half brother Gen. Salim Saleh, and the little weasel of a torturer, Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho head of CMI.

Senile Museveni some years back contracted North Koreans to build a chemical factory in Nakasongola for specialized poisons to eliminate any Ugandan perceived a threat! The Somali half brother Gen. Saleh is the sole person in charge of the Nakasongola lab, and little weasel thug Maj. Gen. Kandiho aka Master Torturer is the one charged with administering the poisons to the victims.

Gen. David Sejussa let the cat out of the bag when he said not one Ugandan official trusts Senile Museveni. No single Ugandan can dare touch even one plate of food at the gatherings of Senile Museveni! Gen. Sejussa said those things with his own mouth – he said people carry their own snacks and water bottles in their coats!

No wonder! They know what happened to Brig. Mayombo and Gen. Aronda, to mention just two of the most prominent victims of Senile M7 poisoning crimes. But now, they are planning to completely eliminate Kaka Bagyenda, the head of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO). The squalid, little weasel-faced killer Kandiho is the one charged with administering the poison. This little, but seasoned goon Kandiho hates Kaka, too much.

The tactic of delivering the poison to Kaka will be through one of the many baby-faced bimbos that CMI hires to put “Nakasongola products” in the drink or food of the targetted guys. Once their libidos are aroused, then the bimbo goes to work, sweet talking while slipping some substance into the targetted guy’s wine, or tea or soup.

For ordinary Ugandans, Senile Museveni’s favorite goon Kandiho has some torture methods that can scare even the Devil. CMI dungeon is so scary that even Boda Boda drivers can’t dare pass near that workshop of the Devil.

Now, Kandiho also has the mandate to finish all People Power supporters out there.

Ass licker Obed, in peddling all his deranged fictions against Rwanda, in reality is trying to deflect attention from his paymasters’ terrible crimes against Ugandans. The buffoon is deceiving himself. When the Ugandan public overturns the tables on them, they will drink their own Nakasongora products rather than face mob justice.

Mark my words.

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