Nobody wants to know what CMI-sponsored RNC clown Nuwamanya thinks about Rwanda diplomacy

CMI sponsored RNC tool Sulah Nuwamanya is idle and has nothing to do but invent retarded theories to show “Rwanda is not sending condolences to Burundi”.

The RNC clown fails to understand that very few care what he thinks, especially his juvenile theories on matters diplomacy. Nuwamanya is just laughable.

Instead of posting nonsense on his Facebook Page, the clown should instead kneeling to thank heavens that Kigali is taking care of his family (the wife he abandoned for prostitutes in Kabalagala) and his four children.

If I may ask, clown Nuwamanya, who do you think is giving your wife Mutuelle de Sante, and paying tuition for your abandoned children?

Let him enjoy the shortlived bliss with Prossy Boonabana while thanking heavens for Rwanda’s magnanimity.

Or maybe the RNC agent thinks Burundi will “save him” when time to extradite him to Rwanda comes, to answer for his crimes? Fat chance!

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