A crazier than usual diatribe by ass licker Katureebe

For long, I’ve been telling the world that Obed Katureebe (Facebook pseudonym Rpf Gakwerere) chief ass licker of Senile dictator Museveni is an escaped inmate from Butabika Mental Hospital of the Matooke Republic.

People, at first, thought it not true but read the latest gibberish on ass licker Katureebe and tell me if Butabika is not missing an inmate!

The ass licker Munyarwanda Katureebe is obsessed with the Rwandan head of state, to the extent the lunatic is trying to engineer a rumor that “Rwanda killed Nkurunziza”

Ass licker Katureebe on the payroll of CMI, under the direct command of CMI chief Abel Kandiho and his deputy CK Asiimwe, to mudsling Rwanda will write anything that enters his diseased mind.

Obed Katureebe is always projecting upon Rwanda the behavior of his Senile master Museveni — a tyrant that has executed so many people throughout the region.

Senile Museveni is, after all, the one that killed with poison Gen. Aronda. He also poisoned Brig. Noble Mayombo. He had Maj-Gen. James Kazini killed, and most recently ordered the death of Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga. He killed Hannington Mugabi and very many Baganda in the bush, people like Kaaya, Semakadde (in Kapeeka), Sseguya, al Hajj Zubairi Kibuye (whom he lured to be killed by Obote), and many others.

In Nairobi, where Senile Museveni was always loitering (that he’s fighting for Ugandan freedom!), he participated in crimes against exiled Ugandans – such as spying on them on behalf of Moi.

Long afterwards, the Senile Museveni ruler of the Matooke Republic killed SPLA leader John Garang de Mabior, why? Buffoon Katureebe, we know why: it is because Garang made clear he would not kowtow to Museveni!

Let this ass licker Obed also tell the world why Senile dictator Museveni killed Andrew Kayiira first.

He should do that before he writes so much laughable gibberish “that Rwanda killed Nkurunziza”, whom the entire world knows exposed himself to Coronavirus and it executed him!

Ass licker Katureebe better know that people are not fools, but can his diseased nut grasp that simple fact?

He thinks when he is spinning fictions that “Rwanda planned a coup against Nkurunziza” everyone will just swallows them up. The idiot is as ever projecting upon Rwanda the characteristics of his senile thug of a master Museveni, and his Somali half brother Salim Saleh, as well as the little, “torture master” weasel Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, chief of CMI.

The only people I pity is the South Sudanese where Senile Museveni and his cabal’s meddling in the internal affairs of Juba has directly led to so many deaths due to the cabal’s meddling.

Senile Museveni’s habit of sowing divisionism in people has had lethal effects even in Somalia, where he is taking advantage to sell weapons through underground arms dealers.

Pathetic ass licker Katureebe should be ready when fed up Ugandans come for Senile Museveni! Where will these sick, evil goons hide when the entire population of the Matooke Republic already is baying for their blood?

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