Museveni ass licker Katureebe deliberately confuses smugglers with “businessmen”

The fictions of ass licker Obed Katureebe, a Munyarwanda minion of Senile Museveni, are getting crazier. The ass licker together with an army of other propagandists of the regime of Senile Museveni are straining to turn black into white, to convince their gullible readers that up is down.

The minions of the Matooke Republic have been shouting that “Rwanda has killed a Ugandan businessman”. But who is this so-called “businessman” that they claim was killed by Rwanda?

The fellow, one Sidini Muhereza was a notorious, but hungry Ugandan smuggler! Senile Museveni’s corrupt, incompetent regime has turned very many poor people of the Matooke Republic into smugglers.

Senile Museveni is personally on record, calling his poor citizens to resort to smuggling as a way of survival. This gave rise to dangerous, violent criminal gangs of smugglers that are desperate to get into Rwanda.

This Muhereza, whom ass licker Katureebe and other Matooke Republic minions are lying that he was “a businessman”, was another smuggler that turned violent. When a Rwandan security patrol stopped him, he attacked them with a spear and knife.

Poor Matooke citizens should know smuggling is against the law in Rwanda and that their senile careless ruler’s advise to smuggle is dangerous. Museveni long ago opted to incite his poor Matooke Republic citizens to smuggling crimes as a means of survival.

Ass licker Katureebe better advise his hungry criminal smugglers from the Matooke Republic against breaking the law. Their ruler lied to them and doesn’t care about anything but his kleptocratic rule and his Bahima dynasty.

Cheap propaganda will not help hungry smugglers in Uganda.

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