CMI troll Katureebe runs another fake “missing person” story

Ass licker Obed Katureebe aka Rpf Gakwerere is jumping on a fictitious “disappearance”, a routine lie for the troll. Paid by CMI and handled by Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe, Katureebe is always claiming people are missing, so as to smear Rwanda. His lies quickly fall apart, but he is completely undeterred. He just pushes ahead with more fake rumors.

Here is a review of some of his fictional “missing” persons that turned out to be a complete lie. When Diane Rwigara was hiding in her kitchen, a desperate attention seeking stunt, Katureebe claimed she had been kidnapped. The senile Museveni ass licker played the same song when Aimable Karasira went offline for reasons only known to him. Again Katureebe went berserk on Rwanda, claiming murder! Karasira was well, and is well.

Equally when convicted prisoner Cassien Ntamuhanga, a terrorist, escaped from prison Katureebe sounded alarms screaming “Rwanda has killed him!” But the fugitive was already in Uganda. Now he is in Southern Africa (with the assistance of the regime of Matooke Republic ruler Museveni) openly engaged in online anti-Rwanda propaganda. This propaganda is paid for by CMI of the Matooke Republic.

The list goes on. Constantin Tuyishimire, a TV1 presenter who went to join hostile militias was declared missing by hostile trolls (including Katureebe). But eventually it turned out the man had ended up in Burundi. Tuyishimire was beaten up and photographed by imbonerakures in Burundi. He learnt a very good lesson about faking his own disappearance, but ass licker Katureebe went on radio silence.

Now, the good for nothing troll claims Venant Abayisenga is missing. He can fool only his gullible readers. Katureebe, a failure in everything except ass licking, has woven a number of tall tales to boost every anti-Rwanda lie.

Every sensible person knows these terrorists that pretend they’ve “gone missing” always turn up in eastern DRC, alive and engaged in terrorism. Another fact that is public knowledge is that many times those on anti-Rwanda terror missions often pass through Uganda, with the facilitation of the regime of Museveni, senile ruler of the Matooke Republic. Usually, the terrorists first camp at Philemon Mateke’s hotel in Kisoro, because the old Parmehutu thug is their coordinator in Uganda.

Therefore, ass licker Katureebe should come clean, does he know if this Abayisenga too has passed through Uganda vis Mateke’s place? Has he checked with his CMI handlers Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe? Eventually, just like the Habib Mudathiru of RNC or Nsabimana Callixte of the FLN terror groups, these missing criminals will find their way back to prison where they belong.

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