Lapdog Katureebe smears Rwanda in attempt to sanitize Mukankusi

Sycophant Obed Katureebe, Senile Museveni’s Chief Ass Licker bounces back with more smears.

The delusional Katureebe (who goes by the Facebook pseudonym Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere) tries to project upon Rwanda the murderous modus operandi of senile dictator Museveni. Ass licker Katureebe writes the smear that “Charlotte Mukankusi’s husband was killed by the Rwandan government.” This is no surprise since all Kampala regime minions are under instruction to blame the Rwandan government for every death that occurs in the country, whether natural; whether from illness; whether from accident; whatever!

It’s important to recall that the alleged husband of Mukankusi, Alphonse Rugarama died a natural death. At the time of his demise, Alphonse had separated with Mukankusi. Mukankusi’s marriage to Alphonse just like her two previous marriages to other men failed because of her drunkardness and infidelity.

A pervert Mukankusi went on with her harlot character, she slept around with men which affected her performance where she served in different capacities. Furthermore the mentally unfit Katureebe claims that Mukankusi fled the country yet she was already abroad in sexual affair with terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa. Mukankusi was later dumped by Kayumba and moved on with Theogene Rudasingwa whom she said could not satisfy her sexual needs and bounced back to Kayumba.

But ass licker Katureebe’s smears are particularly ridiculous.

But why would Katureebe make this latest slander? We can’t forget Mukankusi is a high official of a terrorist group, RNC, that is Senile Museveni’s favorite proxy group in his plots to destabilize Rwanda. Therefore in their propaganda campaign against Rwanda (part of Senile Museveni and RNC’s overall anti-Rwanda strategy) Mukankusi is complicit in allowing ass licker Obed Katureebe weaponize a death, just to mudsling Kigali.

This RNC bigwig after all was given a diplomatic passport by the wicked Ugandan dictator to shuttle the region, mobilizing for terrorism, in long-term plans to attack Rwanda.

Katureebe attempts to paint a picture of Mukankusi as “an innocent woman”. In trying to play the sympathy card, Katureebe can’t erase the fact that Mukankusi is committed to terror, and works for a terror organization behind a spate of grenade attacks that killed 17 Rwandans, leaving widows, widowers, and orphans. Unlike the concocted accusations against Rwanda, RNC has blood on its hands.

Ass licker Katureebe however also always tries to portray Rwanda as if it is Uganda, which Senile Museveni long ago turned into an outlaw state. His mission is to kill and dominate his opponents both politically and economically.

The ass licker Katureebe and his senile patron however, sooner or later, will have to tell Ugandans about Gen. Aronda (killed for opposing the ‘Muhoozi Project’), Gen. Kazini, Brig. Mayombo, Col. Abiriga, AIGP Kaweesi, to name but a few.

In senile Museveni’s primitive understanding of things, he thinks Rwanda acts like him: killing his own citizens. Senile Museveni, when it comes to eliminating people, does not even spare ordinary wanainchi, innocent young women like Suzan Magara, Maria Nagirinya, Brenda Karamuzi (former girlfriend to Thomas Nkurungira) who used to hang out with with Odrek Rwabwogo), and others.

Senile Museveni’s chief ass licker can only fool his few gullible readers.

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