Deadbeat Sulah Nuwamanya pretends to preach love, yet he abandoned his wife and children

Sulah Nuwamanya, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored, mentally deranged RNC agent is at it again, commenting on things for which he has no competence.

From his CMI rented bedsitter in Mutungo, Kampala, the deadbeat dad is trying to make the Uganda-Rwanda bilateral meetings about him. Judging by Nuwamnaya’s post one would be forgiven to perceive that the Government of Uganda is negotiating on behalf of RNC terror group members like him. By claiming “disappointment” about the outcome of the latest Quadripartite discussions, he is definitely crying more than the bereaved.

First of all, the terrorist pseudo “NGO” that he and his bedmate Prossy Bonabaana have been hiding behind to plan terror against Rwanda has been smoked out. To see that the Museveni regime was shamed into publicly disowning the so called NGO (Self-Worth Initiative) meant that even the Ugandan ruler realized how exposed this terrorist outfit was, and feared that his (Museveni) links with it was becoming too public.

Therefore the shameless Nuwamanya and Bonabaana will just have to work clandestinely. Yet terrorist Nuwamanya still feels he has the guts to mud-sling Rwanda! The moral degenerate even has the nerve to lie that “Uganda has never kidnapped, or tortured Rwandans!” Uganda has shamefacedly been releasing illegally detained Rwandans, many that have suffered untold torture in the dungeons of CMI. No wonder the clown is trying to divert history.

What the motor mouth and his sponsors need to get in their heads is that none of their risible attacks against Rwanda from Uganda will stop the disintegration of the RNC terrorist group. And neither will it turn tables to give Museveni an upper-hand in the negotiations.

Another irony in the Facebook post of the morally degenerate Nuwamanya, is that while he pretends to be ‘preaching love’ he is in reality a deadbeat who abandoned his wife and four children.

The mental case pretends to be preaching love but at the same time attacks the Rwandan Government which in fact stepped in to help out his family, with such things as Mutuelle de Sante, and help with the kids’ tuition.

The loudmouth RNC stooge also should know Rwanda decides who its diplomats, or diplomatic staff are, so his constant slanders against Rwandan embassy staff in Uganda are just more laughable rantings.

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