After his Sudhir connection is exposed, Seruga the CMI midget goes into panic mode, attacking private Rwandan citizens

Belgium-based CMI agent Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa is suddenly yapping like a scalded monkey, why?

After trolling the Rwandan leadership, the attention-seeking dwarf is now lashing out at private Rwandan citizens calling them names. After his exposure as a beneficiary of illicit handouts from Museveni’s mafia business associate Sudhir Ruparelia, Seruga the midget has now gone berserk.

His Facebook platform is a dumping site for all anti-Rwanda garbage and, as recently exposed, he is taking money from Museveni’s notorious money launderer to post anti-Rwanda content.

But the CMI midget Serubwa is himself not a total stranger to dubious deals.

The dwarf has been living in Belgium as a conman deceiving the Belgian Government that he is a “gay asylum seeker” – yet he is a criminal agent for a criminal organ, CMI.

His rant against private Rwandan citizens is certainly as a result of the exposure of his Sudhir connections.

However, the harder the midget lashes out with his usual fusillade of lies the more he reveals his panic. He is panicked that a good chunk of his bread might go!

Watch this space.

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