Senile Museveni’s main anti-Rwanda proxy group RNC crumbles but Katureebe his chief ass-licker fixates on Rwanda

The chief ass-licker of senile Museveni, ruler of the Matooke Republic knows his senile patron is in a fix. Just like his cancer-infested body, all the proxy groups Senile Museveni sets up to destabilize Rwanda are falling apart. Specifically, the evil, senile dictator’s main anti-Rwanda proxy group, Rwanda National Congress (RNC), is disintegrating fast and rotting from within.

The fugitive thug, Kayumba Nyamwasa, the RNC chief is no longer in control of the rotten RNC. His legendary selfishness is tearing apart Senile Museveni’s dream terrorist organization. Ever since the fugitive thug murdered Ben Rutabana, with the help of the chief of CMI Abel Kandiho –the little, completely unscrupulous thug– RNC terrorist members have turned against Kayumba. Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is also a very good thief. He graduated from stealing cows and land to stealing and diverting all RNC funds to finance his businesses, and personal luxurious life in southern Africa.

The buffoon, Obed Katureebe, senile Museveni’s chief vuvuzela (Facebook pseudonym Robert Fati Gakwerere) is crying tears that another rotten ally of Kayumba called Benoit Muhoza has been thrown out. Good, let the dogs eat each other!

Muhoza should actually count himself lucky, if he was in Uganda, Kayumba would have sent Kandiho after him. Muhoza would vanish like Rutabana who Kayumba and Kandiho are yet to produce. RNC is dying a painful, public death like its senile sponsor.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the tears of senile Museveni, the Matooke Republic boss, his proxy, fugitive thug Nyamwasa, and chief ass licker Obed!

The mentally deranged Katureebe is a product of Kyankwanzi. For those who don’t know Kyankwanzi is the NRM cadreship college that grooms all Bahima sycophants. It is also the district where most Bahima hail from.

The bets are out, will Museveni’s body collapse before the RNC does? Or will Museveni’s proxy terrorist militia go first?

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