CMI dwarf Seruga and his patron Senile Museveni are up to a lost cause

Titus Seruga, the midget agent on payroll of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has regurgitated another piece of fiction from his masters.

The imbecile Seruga aka Serubwa, a character that lives in Belgium on taxpayers’ money, conning the authorities that he is “an asylum seeker, actually is a troll being used to peddle all sorts of concoctions to cause a civil commotion in Rwanda. That is on instructions of Senile Museveni, king of the Matooke Republic.

Midget Seruga’s job is to churn out crazy fictions about Rwanda, trying to sow divisions in Rwanda along tired “Hutu-Tutsi” lines. Those types of fictions will fail, no matter how the midget Serubwa tries to dredge them up, because Rwandans are past them.

Serubwa probably is trying to deflect attention from how senile Museveni sowed divisions in Uganda in the early Eighties, when Museveni used to massacre Baganda, then spread propaganda everywhere that “Obote is killing Baganda!”

The evil, Senile Museveni with his Somali half brother Salim Saleh killed very many people with crude agricultural instruments in Luweero, Ngoma, Nakaseke, Wakyato, Zirobwe, Kirema and so many others. Why?

The aim was to tarnish Obote, and make Baganda hate Obote much more – so that Museveni wins their support to fulfill his power ambitions.

Killing has always been the character of evil dictator Museveni. When comrades in the bush objected to such tactics, he killed them too. That is why the senile goon murdered Hannington Mugabi in cold blood. Many more have died in such circumstances; Uganda has lost gallant and professionals officers who would have served Ugandans’ needs. All because of an evil, bloodthirsty goon.

The Senile ruler killed Gen Aronda, Gen Kazini, Brig Mayombo, Col Abiriga, AIGP Kaweesi, to name but a few.

The cancer-stricken senile, evil monster Museveni is still haunted by these crimes, so he unleashes his legions of propagandists like midget Serubwa, upon Rwanda.

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