The Seruga, Ruparelia alliance, convenience or conspiracy?

Sudhir Ruparelia, a Ugandan business tycoon is financing hate speech and online terrorism. Ruparelia, who is known to handle Museveni’s businesses, apparently is paying money to a Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military of Intelligence (CMI) agent, Titus Seruga aka Serubwa. The latter uses his Facebook page to stir hatred for Rwanda, and against Rwandans in Uganda.

Seruga, a CMI agent based in Belgium, claiming that he “seeks asylum” is a proven anti-Rwanda propagandist, regularly posting wild allegations against Rwanda, and the Rwandan leadership. For example on the 4th of August 2019, Obed Katureebe (Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook) paid Facebook to publicize a hostile, anti-Rwanda post by Seruga.

Katureebe is another virulent anti-Rwandan Facebooker, also sponsored by CMI.

But even those who are not familiar with the Uganda-based, anti-Rwanda network, Seruga’s hate is easy to see.

Now, his Facebook page, with its anti-Rwanda propaganda, is carrying advertisements sponsored by Sudhir Ruparelia companies. Serubwa’s account that openly calls for hunting innocent Rwandans proudly has Speke Apartments (a Ruparelia investment) as a banner.

Anything Ruparelia finds its way on Titus Seruga’s Facebook accounts, just as every insult and derogatory post on Rwanda. The entire Ruparelia family features extensively on the Seruga page: Dipu, Sudhir, Rajiv, their foundations, and everything else of Ruparelia, is advertised and covered by Seruga.

Disturbingly, the Ruparelias do not seem to mind their names being placed side by side with hateful smears and slanders against Rwanda. In fact, our inside source has confirmed to us that they pay Seruga to advertise their businesses.

Seruga’s CMI links and his anti-Rwanda online campaign are too public for Ruparelia to claim ignorance. The question that most analysts will be asking is why? Could this be another online terrorism financing scheme similar to the Rujugiro-Himbara setup?

Stay tuned for more details on the Seruga-Ruparelia collaboration!

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