Senile Museveni’s Vuvuzela, Obed Katureebe, diverts attention from an imminent bloodbath in ISO

The berserk vuvuzela, and chief ass licker of senile Museveni, Obed Katurebe, is long overdue for a visit to Butabika mental facility. His own backyard is burning, but he has this strange fixation with Rwanda (not surprising anyway, since the failed thug is paid to write wild fabrications all the time about Rwandan authorities).

This self-hating Munyarwanda Obed Katureebe, who goes by the pseudonym “Robert Fati Gakwerere” on Facebook, wants to divert attention from a coming bloodbath in ISO. We have reliable information that the awful little thug that heads the Ugandan Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence (CMI), Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, has been assigned by the senile evil dictator Museveni to finish off Kaka Bagyenda.

“Guys, I can’t wait to deal with that idiot Bagyenda!” Kandiho was overheard telling underlings. “In fact, I don’t know why Afande (Gen. Salim) Saleh is telling me to feed that fool with poison, I just wish I would bring him for a session in one of my dungeons here in Mbuya Barracks!”

It should be recalled that Kandiho has a long-running enmity with Kaka, mainly because of competition for security budgets. So, the little thoroughly evil weasel, Kandiho plotted to report to senile evil Museveni; “that “Bagyenda” is not eliminating those ‘need to be eliminated’ maximumly!”

Of course, the evil dictator from his bunker in Nakasero was very pissed off: he doesn’t like compromises on any order he gives to eliminate all perceived threats, perceived opponents, and all those whom he may want dead for any reason.

Kaka Bagyenda had to go, soon to be sacked! After which he will be made to ingest some “Nakasongola products” developed by North Koreans.

Gen. Saleh, senile Museveni’s Somali half-brother, the supervisor of the Nakasongola North Korean lab will summon the wicked little thug Kandiho and hand him the poison to pass to Kaka.

Poor Ugandans, when will you realize that you are in the teeth of a python from Rwakitura that will swallow all of you?

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