Cancer doctors tell Senile Museveni ‘time is not on his side’

Fear grips Uganda’s State House as prostate cancer doctors throw in the towel on saving the Senile ruler of Matooke Republic. Senile Museveni chief ass licker Obed Katureebe (who uses the pseudonym Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook to sling mud at Rwanda) tries to distract as matters worsen in Uganda.

It is now public that the senile, cancer-stricken Museveni is heading to his graveyard due to the prostate. His doctors have advised him to expedite the presidential polls in a bid to achieve his emission of dying in State House.

The nincompoop Katureebe should be reminded that after prostate cancer, his evil sponsor won’t survive the ongoing plots by angry ‘bush-war’ generals to overthrow him in a much anticipated coup.

Soon, long-suffering Ugandans will dance with joy, when senile Museveni is confined to a grave in Rwakitura.

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