As fear grips Kampala over a coup, Katureebe diverts blame to Rwanda

Obed Katureebe, the chief vuvuzela and ass licker of senile Museveni is as usual attempting to drag Rwanda into the filth of his master’s regime.

The mentally deranged Obed, who goes by the Facebook pseudonym “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” claims that tweets saying a coup has been attempted against senile Museveni originate from Rwanda!

When will the pathetic ass licker Katureebe, and his senile master, the evil dictator Museveni ever take responsibility for their failures without dragging in Rwanda?

The fact that people are completely fed up, even in the military, of Bahima mismanaging Uganda’s affairs forever will produce tough situations for Uganda’s Mafia cabal.

Feud between Senile Museveni and irate Ugandans have erupted and they are ready for anything in regard to toppling the Bahima Mafia.

Regime change won’t require alleged Rwandan involvement, or any other outsiders. Ugandans are fed up enough.

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