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Plot to kill Kaka Bagyenda unearthed, Kandiho to get the boot.

The Ugandan public is in for shocking events after ultra secret revelations that the senile dictator Museveni is bent on eliminating Internal Security Organisation (ISO) boss Col (Rtd) Kaka Bagyenda.

It has come to light that, as senile Museveni’s chief ass-licker, Obed Katureebe throws smoke bombs at Rwanda to divert attention, plans have been finalized to “deal with Kaka”.

First they will boot him from his post. Then eliminate him through their favorite method – administering slow working poisons from Nakasongola North Korean built biological agents lab.

The Senile dictator’s half Somali brother Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh is in charge of the Nakasongola lab.

The squirelly Abel Kandiho (who has been reporting Kaka that “is not fullfilling the senile dictator’s wishes by killing maximumly”) is the one charged with administering the poison.

But the CMI’s weasel-like chief, Abel Kandiho, unknown to him, is also on the way out!

The senile, but evil Museveni is planning a “night of long knives” – which is why his deranged vuvuzela Obed Katurebe who goes by the pseudonym “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” on Facebook, is frantically abusing Rwanda. It is in preparation to blame Rwanda when victims of senile Museveni begin dying.

If the weasel Kandiho is lucky, senile, evil Museveni will just boot him, and not administer “Nakasongola products” to him.

Kandiho will join (Bagyenda), Gen. Henry Tumukunde, Gen. Kale Kayihura, Gen David Sejjusa, Amama Mbabazi and a long list of others that the senile, but highly evil ruler has used, then discarded.

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