Rwanda’s strict accountability alien to Senile Museveni’s attack dog Katureebe

Whenever a leader is relieved of his duties on accountability grounds, the ruler of the Matooke Republic, Senile Museveni’s attack dogs come out in a frenzied social media posts.

Obed Katureebe, chief ass licker of senile Museveni, the masquerading public servant at Uganda Communication Commission, is straining very hard to earn his paycheck through writing fictions.

Katureebe came up with yet another made-up tale about Emmanuel Gasana, the suspended governor of Southern Province, who he claims is detained.

Despite the fictions of Katureebe, Gasana is a free man (in Rwanda authorities follow laws – being suspended doesn’t mean being detained). Fair hearings are guaranteed to all, and no one is above the law in Rwanda.

On the other hand, Senile Museveni’s Generals are jailed without trial should they fall afoul of the evil dictator. Gen Henry Tumukunde was roughed up for no other reason than uttering a challenge to the senile ruler of 35 years. Tumukunde went on hunger strike until Senile Museveni panicked and released him. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga is still cooling his feet at Mbuya torture cells for supporting Bobi Wine, yet there never was a trial.

Rwanda is a country whose record speaks for its self: accountability is never compromised. There are no ‘historicals’ or ‘untouchable bush-war Generals’ in Rwanda.

However, in the Matooke Republic senile Museveni instituted lawlessness over time whereby anyone the evil dictator hates is just executed: ask the relatives of Muslim Sheikhs like Abdul Karim Ssentamu and Maj. Muhammad Kigundu who were shot in broad daylight: executed on concocted suspicions of “working with ADF”.

Dim-witted Katureebe reminds people about his outlaw senile Museveni’s modus operandi of silencing his critics by killing and torturing them. Rtd. Col. Kizza Besigye (once Museveni’s personal doctor), Bobi Wine, Zaake we’re severely tortured, teargased, why? Simply for speaking out about poor rule. Young Ugandans like Jimmy Akena, Ziggy Wine, Kibalama have endured the wrath of Senile Museveni’s brutal regime.

Katureebe, chief ass licker of the evil Ugandan 35-year dictatorship, is just vexed that behaviors like that are non-existent in Rwanda, so he resorts to fiction.

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