CMI propaganda machinery once again caught lying

CMI sponsored trolls and propagandist are up to their usual lies falsifying a disappearance of a Ugandan national in Rwanda. Obed Katurebe (Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere), Bob Atwine (Spyreport) and their dwarf Titus Segura based in Belgium are all lying that one Tugumisizire Obed is missing in Rwanda.

Tugumisizire Obed was been deported back to Uganda.He is a resident of Katuna, he entered Rwanda illegally through porous border. He was caught and deported. Tugumisizire has been handed over to Uganda-Katuna border authority as shown in the deportation order below.

The Senile Museveni propaganda machinery always does this, they project their chaotic system and assume people disappear as they do in Uganda. Katureebe, Atwine and Seruga should know that Rwanda is ruled by rule of law, unlike their strange nepotistic kleptocratic state.

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