Senile Museveni’s reasons for maintaining smear propagandist Katureebe on his payroll

Senile Museveni’s Facebook mouthpiece, Obed Katureebe, writing as Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is clearly contaminated by the Museveni mental disorder virus. By constantly following instructions of his senile master, Katureebe has finally acquired his sponsor’s psychosis causing him to fulminate incoherently. All the time ranting about patriotic Rwandans and Rwandan leaders at senile Museveni’s behest is only exposing their mental issues.

Museveni’s mental disorders shaped his political path. The late Milton Obote and Mwalimu Nyerere knew about Museveni’s mental issues. Obote had the younger Museveni treated for it; he was not sure about the cause of the breakdown but suspected it had something to do with Rwanda. Nyerere was so scared of Museveni’s mental instability that he deliberately avoided making Museveni president after the fall of the Idd Amin regime. Museveni never forgave Nyerere for it, and immediately aligned Uganda with Qaddafi as revenge. His need to have revenge on Rwanda has deep roots; it is a grudge that will not go away.

The grudge begins with the circumstances of the Ugandan dictator’s birth. His mother was ostracized from Rwandan society when she slept with a houseboy; a Mutwa called Kayibanda. Back then, Museveni’s mother Esteri Kokundeka greatly shamed her family. The sanction was clear, she was thrown out of the family; out of the village, and eventually, out of Rwanda.

Bearing a child out of wedlock was tough, Esteri could not even get a Christian name for Museveni; he was raised as Tibuhaburwa.

Rejected by her family, she left with her Kayibanda to Uganda but their union was not bound to last. The father, Kayibanda, had found a cattle keeping servitude with one Amos Kaguta. Kayibanda, an incorrigible adulterous sex addict, repeated the same mistakes he had done in Rwanda with Kaguta’s wife. As revenge, Amos Kaguta threw him out of the homestead, but kept senile Museveni and his mother as personal property.

Museveni must have witnessed how the “punishment” progressively drove his mother mad. She endured Kaguta’s brutality and the second class concubine status. The senile Museveni did gain from his mother’s ordeal; he acquired the Kaguta name and an adopted Bahima clan. But genetically, he grew to be a Kayibanda with an uncontrollable urge to take women regardless of their status.

The senile dictator Museveni’s extra-marital affairs are public, And although his wife tries her best to eliminate his concubines, Senile Museveni always seems to find new ones.

Esteri Kokundeka was a troubled woman. She frequently suffered mental breakdowns remembering how her life was ruined by Kayibanda and how she had forcefully become Kaguta’s concubine. In her breakdowns, she would sleep with other men in defiance. Her strange protest landed her pregnant to a Somali driver, she gave birth to Salim Saleh. Kaguta’s reaction was more brutality, more humiliation but the young Museveni still blamed Rwanda and his mother’s biological family.

Although the dangerously evil Museveni learned violence from Kaguta, and inherent psychotic behaviors (promiscuity, mental breakdowns) from his biological parents, he still holds a grudge against Rwanda. By having Obed Gakwerere recycle deranged stories on Facebook, he secretly derives some pleasure. With his wife, who also happens to be the minister of education and sport, constantly killing his concubines, smearing Rwanda is one of the few last joys the evil and senile dictator retains.

Indecently, Obed Katureebe takes money to write unbelievable fiction to smooth his mentally unstable senile sponsor’s inner demons is indecent extortion and exploitation of a mentally unstable old man. Worst of all, entertaining Senile Museveni’s irrational hate only accelerates his cerebral degeneration.

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