Senile Museveni’s jealousy fits prompts propagandists to spread wilder lies about Rwanda

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) dwarf Titus Seruga aka Serubwa’s obsession with the Rwandan leadership continues unabated. Through this midget, we continue to see the jealousy of his senile master, Museveni manifesting exponentially.

The venture into Rwanda by Volkswagen has particularly pained senile Museveni, to the extent that his propagandists have incessantly been attacking it by spreading lies and spinning things out of context. The Belgium based CMI propagandist talks of ‘Ugandan made buses’ which his hallucination make him see being ‘supplied to the rest of Africa’.

But this is what it is – a hallucinatory pipe dream. While on the other hand, the Volkswagen Kigali plant that he foolishly ridicules is already producing cars that are boosting the transport sector. For the last 35 years, Ugandans are still grappling with creaky, overloaded public transport vehicles, made worse by potholed city roads.

Rwanda’s Mara Phones has rolled out ‘Made in Rwanda’ phones and they are already is use in several African countries. However, out of jealousy of the cancer-stricken senile Museveni, his midget propagandist lies that Uganda also has a plant that produces phones. However, many people will have heard about ‘Ugandan made’ phones for the first time from senile Museveni’s Belgium based propagandist.

Rwanda’s rapid transformation, which has seen the country and its people achieve much more progress than what senile Museveni has achieved in Uganda makes him jealous, hence the smears and mudslinging of Rwandan leaders by his CMI mercenaries.

Dwarf Serubwa is paid by CMI to run anti-Rwandan propaganda to create diversions from the nepotistic kleptocracy run by senile Museveni. For the past 35 years, Uganda is riddled with corruption and mismanagement scandals. Sadly, Museveni’s cronies only focus was how to swindle money on the back of suffering Ugandans.

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