CMI loudmouth Titus Seruga aka Serubwa hallucinates again

The Belgium based CMI loudmouth is a hallucinator. He claims that ‘intelligence information’ shows him that Rwanda has deployed heavily on social media to criticize his senile master, Museveni. As always, his erratic CMI intelligence misses the mark, because Rwandans are famous for their high sense of patriotism.

Rwandans are always ready to defend their country and leaders against enemies, in whatever form they manifest.

Serubwa and fellow CMI mercenaries would not be expected to understand the concept of patriotism, as they are now accustomed to the terms of pay-per-attack on social media as the terms of engagement with Kandiho’s CMI.

The CMI lapdog is fond of making threats out of baseless arrogance, but one thing he needs to know, Rwandans are never easily shaken and are always ready to counter any attacks on their country and leaders punch-for-punch. The midget Seruga and his masters should know by now that Rwandans are relentless when it comes to defending the honor of their nation.

As for the threats by the CMI lapdog’s ‘choice to start reacting to posts”, one can only tell him to stop bluffing. Many who are more vicious than him have tried and failed because they could not sustain the consistence of the defense by Rwandans. The mercenaries paid by CMI to smear Rwanda and insult Rwanda leaders are no measure to Rwandans who are full of dedication and determination

The best response to Titus the midget on this threat is – bring it on!

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