Destabilising Rwanda, DRC and South Sudan makes Museveni the Region’s Chief Meddler

A Ugandan regime sponsored tabloid Spyreports handled by Bob Atwine benefits from Museveni’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence’s anti-Rwanda operations funds. The tabloid has yet again served up more of its anti-Rwanda fallacies, with more outrageous fictions.

In pursuit of publicizing Museveni and his Uganda failed ‘Refugee Policy’, CMI propaganda tool Spyreports run an anti-Rwanda hit piece titled: “taking stock of Rwanda’s decision to extend its borders into ‘lager neighbors’ territories: A case of Rwandan refugees in Uganda.”

This is a naked lie concocted to blame Rwanda for Uganda’s violation of international laws as it harbors and supports terrorist groups.

First and foremost Uganda has been on the spot over harboring, supporting and arming anti-Rwanda terror groups RNC, FDLR, FLN and RUD-Urunana bent on wreaking terror on Rwanda.

This was asserted by the United Nations Group of Experts report (UN GoE). In its December 2018 publication, the report revealed how Museveni and Nkurunziza support – by training and arming terrorist groups allied in terror enterprise known as P5 coalition – efforts to destabilise Rwanda.

The truth of the matter is, it is Museveni that meddles in internal politics of other nations. He’s tried to position himself as a godfather that pulls the strings in the region’s politics. He believes he can eventually influence leadership, or cause regime changes in neighboring sovereign states.

From a political point of view, Museveni’s meddling in the affairs of other countries is a total violation of international laws, and fundamental provisions of the United Nations act.

Museveni has invaded the Democratic Republic of Congo since the 1990s, as revealed by several UN reports. His army, UPDF unleashed all sorts of criminality upon innocent Congolese civilians. They stole mineral resources, raped women, killed innocent unarmed civilians. As a matter of fact Museveni was hit with a fine of US$ 10 billion by the International Court of Justice

Lesley Anne Warner rightly said, “Museveni plays peacemaker by day and combatant by night in South Sudan” in her article published by African Arguments. From John Garang to General George Athor, Museveni has a habit of inviting to Kampala, and killing anyone he perceives as a stumbling block to his ambitions of manipulating South Sudan.

Changing gears from meddling in matters of other countries; in the quest to deflect the world’s attention; Spyreports published a list of 53 people: alleged “missing” or “killed” Ugandans in Rwanda. These people’s identities remain questionable, since manufacturing fake documents is a speciality of the Kampala regime.

It is important to remind readers that Spyreports’ alleged missing and killed Rwandans in Ugandan refugee camps, were recruited to join anti-Rwanda terror groups by Museveni.

The people featuring on Spyreports’ doctored list were recruited by Museveni into RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana. Many of them were found in the Congolese jungles plotting to subvert Rwanda. Poor innocent Rwandans were mopped up by the Congolese army FARDC in efforts to pacify her territory. But Museveni will use funded tabloids like Spyreports to shift the blame to Rwanda.

Sypreports has embarrassed itself and its paymaster Museveni by reminding the world about the identity of the militias fighting in Uganda’s proxy groups. When FARDC attacked RNC bases in Minembwe, many were killed and those who survived led by their field commander (Rtd) Maj. Habib Mudadhir spilled the beans about CMI-ISO and RNC clandestine operations in Uganda and DRC.

“I was recruited by CMI and RNC in Kampala; I joined RNC with promises of money and positions when we topple President Kagame’s leadership. I was duped, I betrayed my own country, I am guilty for all crimes, and I ask for pardon. I also urge all anti-Rwanda groups to surrender and retreat peacefully,” Mudadhir said, coming completely clean on his crimes.

“We were recruited from Uganda refugee camps, we’re often visited by UPDF officers, CMI operatives, RNC agents who enticed us to join anti-Rwanda schemes with intent to cause a regime change. They promised us huge sums of money and positions in the army when we captured Kigali,” confirmed one of the 25 RNC captives.

Museveni will deceive none with his half-baked allegations.

Spyreports should first ask Museveni why UNHCR has never accused Rwanda of those alleged missing refugees in Uganda. The answer is simple, the refugee body is fully aware that the allegations are unfounded, but also meant to portray Uganda as a “safe haven” for refugees so as to swindle donors.

One has to remember that Museveni has turned refugees into a cash cow. Museveni’s government has been exposed for inflating refugee numbers, then fleecing UNHCR of huge sums of money.

In 2008 a UN Oversight Committee investigation discovered that Museveni’s officials reported doctored statistics. At the behest of Museveni, officials reported that Ugandan hosted 1.4 million refugees yet it had 1.1 million; they had exaggerated the figures by 300,000 refugees.

Museveni’s minister was heard in public, on International Refugee Day, expressing his frustrations about corrupt officials who stole UNHCR’s refugee funds to build mansions and secure acres of lands “whilst refugees die of hunger and poor healthcare.”

Museveni so-called ‘welcome refugee policy’ is a trick to con UNCHR and other humanitarian organizations, of which he embezzles millions of dollars that end up in his pocket and offshore accounts. Some of the donors like UK, German and Japan have suspended their refugee aid to Uganda after finding out Museveni’s financial shenanigans.

On killing people, Museveni has become synonymous with assassinations. Museveni has killed anyone who posed a threat to his lifetime presidency. Museveni killed high profile politicians, police officers, businesspersons whom he perceived as challengers to his throne. The Ugandan ruler killed most of his bush war comrades like Brig Noble Mayombo, Gen James Kazini, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, Col Ibrahim Abiriga, AIGP Andrew Felix Kawesi, ASP Muhammad Kirumira to name just a few.

The Ugandan ruler shamelessly descended upon young People Power movement supporters. He ordered his son Muhoozi’s SFC commandos to kill young aspiring Ugandans such as Ziggy Wine, Yasini Kawuma, Maria Nagilinya, Suzan Magara (Kainerugaba’s mistress) among others. Many Ugandans have disappeared mysteriously, the likes of John Bosco Kibalama who was abducted a year ago. His whereabouts are only known to Museveni and his SFC soldiers. These are just a few individuals; the list of people murdered by Museveni counts in hundreds.

One doesn’t have to be a Harvard graduate to see Museveni’s political betrayals and how he has endorsed himself as the region’s politics Godfather.

Museveni’s goose is cooked, he has failed in all aspects of destabilising Rwanda, and the only window that is left with is to peddle his hallucinations through anti-Rwanda tabloids he funds, like Spyreports which have failed all credibility tests.

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