Senile Museveni’s lapdog projects master’s mental issues on others

This latest rant by senile Museveni’s lapdog Obed Katurebe (aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere) is a sign of serious drug abuse! Katureebe, the attack mouthpiece has run out of imaginations to smear Rwanda and its exemplary leadership. It is simply too hard so he resorts to wild fictional tales of bunkers and paranoia inspired his own sponsors schizophrenic behavior.

To the naked eye, even a non medical expert can see how Museveni’s body is slowly rotting, ravaged by cancer. His fingers hold on for dear life on his hands as the non-stop chemotherapy destroys his skin. Impeccable sources indicate that he suffers from prostate cancer, and the ultimate proof of his prostate issue is visible to all keen observers.

Senile Museveni is always within three minutes of a toilet. He suffers from incontinence (lack of or low bladder control) and involuntary self-defecation. Sneezing, coughing or laughing hard can automatically trigger either. Senile Museveni controls his incontinence with a dozen of mobile toilets fitted car fleet, mobile toilets vans integrated in his convoy, and a huge supply of adult diapers. This hampers his travels abroad; his attack mouthpiece Katurebe should not blame others for traveling.

Senile Museveni is growing old and paranoid! His epilepsy tormented wife has systematically killed many women that get too close to Museveni. Janet Kataha Museveni, the epileptic woman and mother to 3 of his daughters, has him on a short and tight leash. She even forced him to make her Minister of Education and sport, so as to control his every movement! Janet Museveni is ruthless; she specializes in hunting down poor women bedded by her senile husband! He rightly fears that, eventually, she will bite him too.

Outside his bedroom, Senile Museveni has a lot more enemies. The first item on his mind is his genetically modified general son, the bored and uninspiring Lt-Gen. Muhoozi. Just like his step-Mother, he kills quickly and his ambition to be the next ruler of Uganda are public knowledge code named “Project Muhoozi”. Anyone opposing his succession plan ends up dead. Muhoozi, working with his uncle Gen. Saleh, has been specializing in poisoning and investing in a biological lab. The poisons are developed by North Koreans in the Nakasongola lab run by the thug Saleh and his nephew, an alcoholic, “genetically modified” general.

Outside his home, Senile Museveni’s paranoia is in overdrive. For all the crimes he committed against Ugandans, he fears Ugandans most. His convoy makes you realize how unsafe Senile Museveni actually feels. He moves everywhere with a whole batallion of heavily armed special force soldiers – complete with tanks and cannons. Propagandist Katureebe’s senile patron is scared of Ugandans, why? Because Ugandans totally hate him!

Senile Museveni is so scared of Ugandans that at the slightest fear, he has people killed! AIGP Kaweesi, ASP Kirumira, Col Abiriga, Muslim sheikhs, Gen Aronda, Brig Mayombo, and People Power Kibalama, Michael Alinda, others who were almost killed, like MP Zaake, Bobi Wine are just a few of his victims.

Katureebe’s sponsor is the head of a criminal family that’s bleeding Uganda dry! For 35 years, Senile Museveni and his adopted Bahima clan loot in broad-daylight Uganda. For example; UCB, Greenland, ghost soldiers, junk choppers and other mega scams, all perpetrated by senile Museveni’s crook of a brother Gen. Saleh Saleh. This mafia family includes crooked daughters, sired with the epileptic vampire, that literally sell young Ugandans in the Middle East as slaves.

This crooked Museveni family has eliminated so many Ugandans. The way they tortured Bobi Wine in Arua – just because he doesn’t agree with their thug regime – is spine chilling.

Yoseeri Tibuhaburwa Rutabasirwa, Senile Museveni’s real names, and his family are a true curse upon Uganda.

Lapdog Katurebe thinks projecting upon Rwanda the behavior of his senile, disease-ridden patron will deflect attention. No amount of smears and propaganda can clean up Senile Museveni’s mess. Museveni is still drenched in blood.

Obed the lapdog propagandist is deceiving himself if he thinks anything he says can deflect from that fact.

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