Sex-for-grades Professor Kambanda mourns Genocide Fugitive Felicien Kabuga’s arrest

The incompetent sex-for-grade Professor Charles Kambanda, unable to read French, confuses and distorts that Felicien Kabuga has been arrested, decided to play the “devil’s advocate”. A press statement from French authorities details how Kabuga —The most wanted Criminal on the planet— who financed the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda evaded capture for so long.

According a statement by French authorities, with the complicity of his family members, the octogenarian genocide mastermind— the modern Hitler— lived in France thanks to an elaborate mechanism setup with the complicity of his children. The Sex for grade fraudster, Kambanda, unable to read French misread the statement and jumped to defend his godfather on erroneous grounds.

So, has the sex pest turned himself into the spokesman of notorious genocidaire Felicien Kabuga? The sex-for-grades “prof” claims Kabuga wants “to clear his name”. But this only reveals Kambanda even to those that don’t know him – a shameless apologist for perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. When Kabuga, a fugitive for a quarter of a century got arrested, and Kambanda lies that “his family handed him over” (supposedly “to clear his name!).

The statement is very clear, his children were accomplices, and they did not hand him over.

The sex-for-grade prof has a weak brain, crippled with emotions at the sight of the arrest; he was not even able to find a translator! Alternatively, he thinks that childish lies can fool anyone about Kabuga and the role of his family members; he should just watch this space; a transition will be provided.

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