CMI lapdog Katureebe enjoys stolen Uganda’s COVID-19 money to malign Rwandan Head of State

Obed Katureebe, an officer of the Ugandan Communication Commission (UCC), aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere recycles the “offshore banking” narrative that died a quick death after his sponsor Dictator Museveni hoped it would turn heads.

A clown like Katurebe should first look at the crumbling “health system” of Uganda under his senile boss. Look at COVID-19 alone as an example. Rwanda carries out one of the best testing, tracing and treatment systems in the word. Uganda has been on spot for its mismanagement of pandemic. Money has been stolen right from the president to the Members of Parliament but goons like Katureebe will divert attention by posting slanderous lies about Rwanda when the Ugandans are living on borrowed time.

Katureebe is one of the beneficiaries of over Shs 60 billion COVID-19 Response Fund heist that Dictator Museveni stole in the name of empowering the Task Force and supporting the vulnerable. Those funds ended up on Dictator Museveni and his cronies’ offshore accounts.

The dull-witted Katureebe should hold his horses every time he thinks about mudslinging the Rwandan Head of State.

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