Rwandan Army patrols reassure Citizens’ safety

Obed Katurebe, the operator of Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook is the virulent troll behind sterile abuses to Rwandan Head of State.

Having been placed at Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) and sponsored by Senile Museveni, Katureebe is a channel for his bankroller’s tantrums.

It’s only in nonfunctional states like Uganda, where concerned citizens cater for their own safety, as the state’s corrupt armed forces engage in all sorts of criminality.

Securing a country borders and her citizens is the mandate of the armed forces. Night patrols in both cities and rural areas are conducted in accordance with the law, hence ensuring citizens’ safety.

Perhaps the wish of Katureebe and senile Museveni wish is that Rwanda relaxes on security so as to find a getway to disrupt the country’s peace using their proxy terror groups: RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana etc.

Rwanda has always ensured full security to her citizens. On the other hand Museveni continues to treat Ugandans like disposable items – to only be used during polls and dumped.

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