RNC agent spins a none-existent “standoff” between Rwanda and Tanzania

Hungry RNC agent Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi, the deadbeat dad, continues to embarrass himself further by delving into regional issues that he knows nothing about.

Nuwamanya is on the verge of starvation due to COVID-19 lockdown. He has been unable to move to CMI headquarters to get his pay. After the lockdown, the hungry clown will be extradited to Rwanda, subjected to 14 days quarantine and then preceded for prosecution.

Nuwamanya will be charged with numerous crimes, abetting terrorism through his work with RNC and abandoning his four children and wife who are now taken care of by the state of Rwanda.

Due to the lockdown, Sulah has been unable to travel to villages to hoodwink Rwandans in Uganda to contribute their hard earned money to his Self Worth Initiative that he co-founded with his girlfriend, Prossy Bonabaana, which they use to fundraise for the RNC and steal from.

Sulah’s claims that Tanzania and Rwanda have issues are baseless lies aimed at misleading people. Rwanda has no quarrel whatsoever with Tanzania. Both countries are doing good businesses, just on Tuesday May 12, RwandAir struck a deal of shipping Tanzania’ fish harvests to Europe

If the hungry Sulah is looking for anyone that has a quarrel with Tanzania and the entire region for that matter, he only needs to look at his master, senile Museveni.

Uganda is the one that has been deporting Tanzanian and Kenyan truck drivers that tested positive to COVID-19, in total disregard of WHO guidelines. Rwanda has done no such thing.

Whatever Rwanda does, it is always within a framework agreed upon with all regional neighbors.

It only exposes Sulah as a clueless liar for him to base his fabrications on a parliamentary debate in Tanzania. Sulah makes wild allegations in relation to Rwanda’s Covid-19 measures regarding truck drivers. But Rwanda does things as a result of consultations with regional governments.

The hungry RNC minion Sulah claims Rwanda has “poor relations with Tanzania”, yet the Tanzanian foreign affairs minister clarifies to Parliament that there is no bad blood whatsoever, between Rwanda and Tanzania.

Referring to this week’s virtual EAC meeting on Covid-19 response, the Tanzanian foreign affairs minister makes it clear that Tanzania did not attend because they are not part of the EAC Northern Corridor, although they were duly informed about it.

Any claims of “a standoff” of any kind between Rwanda and Tanzania remains mere wishful thinking by deadbeat Nuwamanya and his puppeteers.

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