Arrest of Rwandan General is Fake News and only known to CMI sponsored tabloid Spyreports

Bob Atwine, Uganda’s Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored troll operating a propaganda tabloid Spyreports, is peddling lies deliberately designed to smear Rwanda. CMI coordinates a hostile anti-Rwanda media campaign as part of Museveni’s regime ‘Destabilise Rwanda’ agenda.

Atwine knowingly runs a fake story of arrest of Rwandan Army Generals. The Museveni regime’s anti-Rwanda desk in Museveni constantly rides on invented intelligence information of which they propagate in attempt to drive a wage between the Rwandan Head of State and Army Generals.

One clearly remembers how Bob Atwine and his fellow anti-Rwanda propagandists claimed that Gen. James Kabarebe was under house arrest despite his numerous public appearances. The same lie was used by fugitive David Himbara, another notorious anti-Rwanda propagandist sponsored by both Museveni and a con artist tycoon Tribert Rujugiro. Back in March 2019, Himbara claimed Generals Fred Ibigira, Joseph Nzabamwita and Emmanuel Ruvusha were under arrest even when they were being seen attending government functions.

Spyreports spits the same venom as Himbara and fellow CMI-RNC minions with intention to mudsling the Rwandan leadership after they failed to destabilise it as was their initial plan.
If they are so desperate to find out where Rwandan Generals are, UPDF should make a stupid decision to attack Rwanda. They will quickly find out where they are and will go back running like headless chickens with a bloody nose. They should ask anyone who came across a strong force like Rwandan Defense Force (RDF) on the battlefield; it does not end well. Uganda’s UPDF can testify.

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