Sex-for-grades wannabe Professor Kambanda instigates a “standoff” between Tanzania and Rwanda

Charles Kambanda, of the sex-for-grades infamy seems to get his kicks from regional conflict, as opposed to regional harmony.

In his recent post, the wannabe professor seemed excited that Tanzania and Burundi had “boycotted” the EAC Heads of State virtual Consultative Meeting, meant to harmonize COVID-19 policy in the region. The sex pet goes ahead to speculate that there is a standoff between Rwanda and Tanzania and also claims that the President of Rwanda has ‘refused’ to relinquish the EAC Chairmanship.

If he was the lawyer he claims to be, Kambanda would know that the process of relinquishing leadership is clear; the summit has not taken place because countries keep asking for postponement of the Summit, where the seating chairman would normally handover the chairmanship.

Nobody understands what the sex pest is talking about, when he claims there is a ‘standoff’ between Rwanda and Tanzania. There is no standoff between Rwanda and Tanzania. It only exists in his head. Actually, one would be right to say that the said standoff is between Uganda and Tanzania, where we have seen senile Museveni’s minions like Andrew Mwenda condemn President Magufuli openly on social media. Senile Museveni’s PR man descended on Raisi Magufuli concerning his handling of COVID-19 pandemic in Tanzania. While covering-up COVID-19 infection numbers, senile Museveni adapts the holier-than-thou stance, and attacks the Tanzanian President, after misleading the world that he is a great pandemic fighter.

The fraud professor Kambanda poses a rhetoric question whether Kagame knows what led to Napoleon’s “spectacular” fall. His ignorance won’t allow him to understand that France is not Rwanda and Europe is not East Africa.

The mentally unfit Kambanda then shoots himself in the foot by showing he has no iota of knowledge in foreign policy like he likes people to believe; otherwise, he would know that relations between two states are not based on public policy. They are based on foreign policy.

This RNC-Museveni anti-Rwanda propagandist should go back to school although at his age this would be a waste of time.

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