Senile Museveni’s troll Katureebe lays a funny egg with the so-called ‘Stolen Guns’

Senile Museveni has grown increasingly unsettled as time slips away; he has now embarked on interpreting his wishful thinking about Rwanda through his virulent attack dog Obed Katureebe, under his pseudo Facebook page Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere.

After series of collapsed narratives, such as border closure, security forces infiltration, to name but a few, the new one is about Republican Guards Unit soldiers fleeing with expensive rifles from Gabiro, Muhazi and Bigogwe. The truth of the matter is that the same concocted rhetoric will die a quick death, just like many others. There was never such a thing within the Rwandan army; it is rather trumped up to please Katureebe’s paymaster.

This is an impressive bit of rumormongering, even by the incompetent standards of Katureebe. Only someone without an iota of intelligence can wake up and publish these kinds of rumors. Other than trying to impress the gullible with technical jargon about weapons (which anyone can pick off the Internet) what else is in these rumors? Zero.

One wonders whom this clown Katureeebe can dupe into believing that guns protecting the Rwandan Head of State were stolen. Katureebe sat in the UCC office and dreamt about an incident that fits his sponsor’s agenda on Rwanda.

Further, in a functional state like Rwanda, guns belong to the nation not the president. It’s only in Uganda where guns and all other state resources belong to the president and his cronies; Katurebe should leave Rwanda out of that category.

Katurebe as usual is projecting the corruption of the Museveni system, and the personalization of the state resources around the individual like his son, daughters, brothers and wives.

Senile Museveni’s strength to face his enemy has degenerated to invention of facts and intelligence lies fed to him by corrupt intelligence bosses of Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Internal Security Organisation (ISO). The two have been at loggerheads which resulted in uncoordinated operations. Innocent Rwandans have endured torture in Uganda; some have even been killed due battles for supremacy and loyalty between CMI and ISO.

Eventually providing false intelligence information has earned huge sums of operation funds from the state coffers.

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