Senile Museveni to dump Col Kaka anytime, sources

A Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored troll based in Belgium, Titus Seruga aka Serubwa, recently has been fanning internal wrangles within the Ugandan intelligence apparatus.

His new surprising attacks target the Internal Security Organization (ISO) boss, the embattled Kaka Byagenda. The Facebook CMI troll is aided in this new enterprise by Chimpreports, a propaganda mouthpiece controlled by CMI, which operates at the discretion of the agency’s head Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho. The CMI-ISO war for supremacy has been brewing for some time.

According to Chimpreport, Kaka Bagyenda’s fate is already sealed. Signs of this began last year when Museveni’s loudspeaker Andrew Mwenda publicly lambasted Bagyenda with claims that the latter was guilty of torturing Ugandans in safe houses. (Even though CMI in fact tortures, abuses or kills far more people!)

Museveni already is vetting other candidates for the ISO directorship. Bagyenda is said to be losing his job any time. Senile Museveni used him but he found Kandiho to be more effiective in executing anti Rwanda policies. Abel Kandiho beat Kaka Byagenda in detaining illegally, torturing, and killing Rwandans in “Safe” houses. Under Kandiho, CMI provided more support to anti-Rwanda terrorist organizations than its sister agency ISO.

The hardliners in the Museveni regime are promoting Kandiho, who distinguished himself with absolute inhumanity in the persecution of innocent Rwandans. It is, on the one hand, another strong signal that Kampala has no intention of respecting the Luanda MoU, which called for accountability for the crimes actors like Kandiho committed against Rwandans.

Furthermore, the speed by which online trolls are turning against Bagyenda is indicative of how the Museveni regime has no sense of loyalty.

They used Kaka Byagenda to commit atrocities in Uganda but he was not as brutal on innocent Rwandans as Kandiho, his colleague. So he was not good enough for Senile Museveni who has now decided to dump him like used rubber.

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