Senile Museveni sponsored troll fearful of Rushyashya’s News Chief Editor

Ugandan regime sponsored troll Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, who in reality is none other than Obed Katureebe, celebrated the death of Rushyashya editor Jean Gualbert Burasa too early.

The troll, sponsored by Senile Museveni, has been rejoicing (as if for himself he is immune from death!). But now he is expressing disappointment that Jean Lambert Gatare is the new Chief Editor of Rushyashya. Fearful of Rushyashya, Katureebe resorts to his usual slanderous tactics.

Katureebe, in his limited analytical capacity, assumed that the Rushyashya Chief Editor’s death meant the end of Rushyashya. As a key pillar in the Anti-Rwanda online campaign, Obed Katureebe had hoped that Rushyashya would stop unveiling his sponsored lies. He assumed there would be one less voice online to expose him. His squealing over the new Rushyashya Chief Editor gives him and his Museveni anti-Rwanda propaganda machinery away: they fear Rushyashya.

Ever since he was exposed as the face behind the hateful propaganda Facebook page, Katureebe began crying and making all sorts of ridiculous accusations against patriotic Rwandans that hit back! He is unable to digest that ordinary Rwandans will not let him slander and tarnish their country at the bequest of Senile Museveni.

If he can’t stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen.

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