Senile Museveni’s son Muhoozi issues orders to kill and torture political opponents

As time goes, it gets clear that senile Museveni gets more and more desperate. As it dawns upon him that he might have to leave this world without realising his sinister motives against Rwanda, the senile ruler’s despair manifests in the online propaganda writings churned out by his hired anti-Rwanda propagandists.

Bob Atwine, senile Museveni’s most vicious troll and owner of several hostile blogs and websites like CommandPost and Spyreports Uganda – paid and supervised by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) – is one example.

Museveni and his cabal of cowards through their anti-Rwanda attack dogs attempted to mirror their rotten regime scandals to Rwanda; the claim that the Rwandan First Daughter tortured soldiers are not only illogical concoctions but also laughable.

In law abiding countries like Rwanda, First Family members don’t meddle in national politics; neither do they involve themselves in shoddy dealings like that of Senile’s Museveni’s wife and children. It’s known in the public domain that First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba issues torture and kidnap orders. For instance, People Power supporters in Uganda are abducted, tortured, killed on his orders. We have independently established that SFC soldiers murdered Yasin Kawuma (Bobi Wine’s Driver), upcoming artist Ziggy Wine was killed on orders of Muhoozi. Susan Magara, Maria Nagilinya were killed by Senile Museveni’s son.

The alleged torture claims by the Rwandan First Daughter is a concocted narrative to divert attention from senile Museveni and his Bahima Clan’s transgressions.

Senile Museveni is definitely throwing the proverbial last kicks of a dying horse by instructing his trolls to fabricate imaginary tensions in the Rwandan army and a purported ‘disappearance of soldiers and ammunitions’ which they have recycled many times, hoping it would magically become a reality.

Senile Museveni has seen the demise of many among the best of his cadres in the army and party, whom he deemed a threat to his life presidency and succession by his dim-witted son Muhoozi Kainerugaba. High positions in security, Defense and intelligence are held by Bahima who will facilitate Muhoozi takeover. Having killed Gen Aronda, Kazini, Noble Mayombo, Col Abiriga, AIGP Kawesi, ASP Mohammad Kirumira, Senile Museveni’s wishful thinking is to see Rwandans killing each other; which is why he has attempted to sow divisions in the Rwandan army but his efforts remained futile.

Senile Museveni knows the clock is ticking and time is running out fast for him, and all he can do is instruct his trolls to project his state of mind on Rwanda, hence coming up with illogical conspiracy theories.

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