Senile Museveni pokes his nose into Rwandan appointments whilst Uganda is led by only “BAHIMA”

Obed Katurebe, the Ugandan Communication Officer operating the hostile Facebook page Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, is daft enough to write about nepotism and forgetting that he works for the god father of nepotism – Museveni.

Sponsored by Senile Museveni, Katurebe’s idiotic posts on his Facebook page are about anti Rwanda propaganda. He confuses Rwanda with Uganda where one family, Senile Museveni’s, heads everything.

Nepotism has reached its highest level in Uganda that it would actually be wiser and more efficient to run cabinet meetings in Runyankore language – since all cabinet members are Bahimas and Banyankores coming from the same region. Appointments in Rwanda, which are always the subject of attacks by Museveni sponsored trolls, are done on merit regardless of tribe, region etc. It is a sharp contrast to Museveni’s regime where every top government position is led by Museveni’s family, relatives and tribe-mates.

The armed forces, UPDF, UPF and intelligence agencies, are all led by Bahima. An institution that for some peculiar reason isn’t headed by a non-Muhima must have a Muhima “deputy” who actually makes decisions with a figurehead boss. The Ugandan Police serves a good example in this context. The law enforcement organ is headed by IGP Oketch Ochola but in reality he is merely a ceremonial leader who can’t make a single decision; his deputy, DIGP Sabiiti Muzeyi, a Muhima boy who is rumored to be Museveni’s son, is the one who runs the force and reports to the president (his father) without respect to institutional hierarchy.

It is only in Uganda where you will find a First Lady doubling as a Member of Parliament and a Cabinet Minister. Museveni will have you believe that his bedmate is the most qualified person to hold the position of Education Minister and that their “First Son” is so good as a soldier that he deserves to be fast-tracked to the rank of General. The First Son’s father in law is the Minister of foreign affairs; the President’s brother is also a General and head of a sovereign fund (after serving as a senior presidential adviser on security).

There is simply no way that Museveni’s trolls can speak on nepotism given its levels in Uganda. Obed Katurebe too benefited from nepotism; it is because of Senile Museveni’s proximity to his late uncle Patrick Karegeya (who was a mole in Rwanda) that he gets paid Ugandan taxpayers’ money.

If Katurebe is interested in nepotism, he should start writing about the Bahima dynasty that pays him while crippling Uganda for almost 35 years.

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