Mentally deranged Noble Marara maligns Rwandan First Family with his usual slanderous lies

Like the spent cartridge he is, Marara is only capable of spreading unsupported rumors from his dungeon in the United Kingdom (UK) where he lives on taxpayers’ money.

Marara, a failed soldier just throws out a lot of rumors, to see which will stick as he tries to distort the relieving of former security minister Gen. Patrick Nyanvumba of his duties.

Marara, living thousands of kilometers away in UK – where he’s been several years – leeching on UK taxpayers’ money, claims to know more about what happens in Rwanda. For instance he claims that Gen Nyamvumba “was sacked because he displeased the First lady”. Please! Rwanda is a country that goes by rule of law – so of all other people that have been caught up by the law, was it the First Lady? The First Lady is not the prosecutor; neither is she the investigative bureau.

Then Marara pivots to smear the President with usual slanderous lies. But he forgets that Rwanda gets top marks for accountability and transparency by impartial arbiters. But that’s no surprise because Marara would never whats just and whats not, because he is a born criminal who failed to serve in the Rwandan army due to gross transgressions.

Marara’s lies will not take away the actual reason Gen. Nyanvumba is under investigation. Nonetheless, the bottomline is that Gen. Nyammvumba is first and foremost a soldier, and is at the Ministry of defense awaiting investigations to establish his culpability.

Marara and others like him are just trying to divert attention away from the fact the law applies equally to all in Rwanda, and no one is above the law.

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