Coward Commander in Chief Senile Museveni irked by RDF Command Council

Senile Museveni’s prolific attack dog, Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is quite a busy man. Not busy with what the Ugandan taxpayers pay him to do at the Uganda Communication Commission though. Instead, under instructions of senile Museveni, through CMI Head Maj Gen Abel Kandiho, he spends days and nights gossiping about Rwanda to satisfy his paymaster’s wishes. Senile Museveni’s wishes are to see Rwanda up in smoke, and since he has failed on many occasions to instigate an implosion, he has settled on toxic propaganda.

Senile Museveni has concentrated a lot of energy and resources on a pool of overzealous online propagandists like Obed Katureebe, Bob Atwine and his Spyreports and Commandpost, Sara Kagingo’s Soft Power, Gilles Muhame’s Chimpreports to name but a few among the most vicious of senile Museveni’s propagandists.

Obed Katureebe wants people to believe he is always the unseen (and definitely undesirable) guest at every event by Rwanda leaders. Except that his assignment requires him to peruse through news and images posted online to create a fictitious account of what was discussed at that particular meeting, and attribute it to non existent ‘sources.’

When the President of Rwanda chaired the periodic RDF command Council at the Rwanda Military Academy, Gako, the CMI troll quotes fictitious ‘sources’ saying that the ‘key topic was Burundi and the CNDD FDD regime.’ Being a reflection of his senile master, its alien to him that a CIC would meet his commanders without necessarily planning a war against anyone. This is because in the kleptocratic nation of Uganda such meetings are unnecessary, since the corrupt UPDF doesn’t follow any strategic direction.

Senile Museveni’s UPDF is a tribalistic militia. There could never be such meetings in Uganda where the CIC meets his senior army commanders, simply because his army is divided: all defense, security and intelligence positions are held by Bahima, leaving out other numerous tribes. This has led to a crisis within Museveni’s armed forces; such an army with a single sided command will never be able to take on any enemy.

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