CMI tabloids Chimpreports and Spyreports fake death of 2 Rwandan soldiers to please senile Museveni

Chimpreports and Spyreports share more than the “report” part in their bizarre name. Both misinformation tabloids are sponsored by UgandaMilitary Intelligence (CMI) as part of Senile Museveni’s hostile propaganda against Rwanda.

Giles Muhame of Chimpreports and Bob Atwine of Spyreports are mere mouthpieces of the decaying Ugandan regime, constantly scan for anything to smear Rwanda with. An incident at the Rwanda-Burundian border illustrates their obsession with Rwanda.

According to the statement released by Rwanda Defense Force (RDF), On Friday 8 May 2020, on Lake Rweru a group of fishermen from Burundi illegally crossed into the Rwandan waters. “As the Rwanda Defence Force was ordering the fishermen to return back to their country, Burundian soldiers intervened from their side and started shooting at RDF; which retaliated.”, the statement reads stressing that it suffered no casualties. But the Ugandan sponsored hostile propaganda has a different version, they quickly made false claims that 2 Rwandan soldiers died to make their sponsor Senile Museveni feel good.

Senile Museveni that sponsors them also supports anti-Rwandan militias like the RNC and FDLR. These militias had faced massive losses with a huge number of their militias killed while others have been extradited to face trial in Rwanda. Senior FDLR officials like Ignace Nkaka (FDLR spokesman), Lt Col Jean Pierre Nsekanabo (FDLR Intelligence Chief), Rtd Major Mudathiru Habib (RNC Field Commander), Callixte Nsabimana (FLN spokesman), are all terrorists now under Rwandan custody. They all testified that the Ugandan regime supported their terrorist activities.

Chimpreports and Spyreports fake death in the Rwandan Army as consolation for Museveni’s failed plan. They were so eager to console him that they added the Rwandan President’s visit to the Gako Military Academy to their narrative. Out of ignorance they purported a war plan and linked to President Kagame’s meeting with RDF commanders to shape another false narrative that there are tensions in the country. But their narrative hit a dead end; what happened in Gako is a periodic meeting dubbed ‘RDF Command Council’ that has nothing to do with war planning and tensions. An inquisitive mind would wonder why a war has to be planned in a military academy of all places.

The most compelling evidence that both Chimpreports and Spyreports are controlled propaganda tools is that while Burundian officials are silent, Ugandan propaganda outlets are hyped up on the issue. Why else would Ugandan propaganda claim that 2 Rwandan soliders were killed when neither Burundi or Rwanda mention it?

An imaginary defeat of the RDF makes their senile sponsor feel good. It is comical to see the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence via Chimpreports and Spyreports swindle senile Museveni with “feel good” fabrications.

No one else, not even the Burundian side, believes the Ugandan regime troll version. The only purpose so far seem is to fool a 75 years old senile sponsor, hoping that he will continue to pump more funds in their propaganda outlets.

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