Unlike Senile Museveni regime marred by corruption and impunity, Rwanda enforces rule of law

The new and urgent assignment of Senile Museveni’s trolls, without a shred of doubt, is to cause panic among Rwandans.

This comes after Kayibanda’s son Yoweri Museveni failed to cause destabilisation in Rwanda through proxies like RNC terrorists and the other terror outfits in the P5 coalition. Museveni’s last card is to use his anti-Rwanda propagandists like Bob Atwine’s Spyreports, controlled by CMI to spread alarmist propaganda, hoping to cause tension amongst Rwandans.

But senile Museveni’s strategy is premised on ignorant despair. He can never wish away his problems by projecting them on Rwanda. Just the same way, he cannot bring about the change he so badly covets in Rwanda by wishful thinking. And the reasons are many.

First and foremost, Rwanda is not the wild west, like his Uganda where defense, security forces and intelligence agencies are run like family businesses.

Rwanda is a country that is governed by the law, and there are no sacred cows. There are no two ways about it when it comes to enforcing accountability and the law. Enforcement of accountability is one of the irreducible minimums that Rwanda have gotten used to over the years to the level it has become a culture.

That is why the dismissal of a minister or the arrest of a general do not turn heads like in Uganda. Rwandans read the statements and move on with their work, confident that a replacement will come and life goes on. That is how a normal system works, not like in Uganda where individuals are more powerful than institutions and the system.

The world knows that Uganda is a country of impunity. Corruption is institutionalised to the extent that it’s the accepted normal.

Senile Museveni presides over a country where he is the chief priest of corruption and irresponsibility, where the UPDF buys junk equipments through mafia deals. We have often been treated to discoveries and exposes where Uganda’s public service registry is stuffed with ‘ghost’ names. The UPDF has a big number of ‘ghost’ soldiers appearing on the payroll, including the thousands who died in Kisangani battles.

Senile Museveni must choose to go in peace, because trying to destabilise Rwanda will only serve to hasten his demise and yet Rwanda will stay on its transformational course. His is a futile attempt that’s compounded by the despair of a man clinging onto life surrounded by a pile of chaos and failure.

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