Political tensions in Rwanda is only Senile Museveni’s wishful thinking, it died right from the script

The Ugandan regime sponsored anti Rwanda propaganda has their obsessive smearing imagination in overdrive following a grenade explosion in Rwanda. Sponsored by a murdering regime that has ruled Uganda with distinct brutality under Senile Museveni for the last 35 years, these trolls carry their regime’s murderers mindset and project it on Rwanda.

Rwanda National Police statement was very clear about the incident. The victim, Tunezerwe Jean Paul, entered a hair salon with a grenade in his pocket. When the victim tried to show it to the barber, Niyikiza Pacific, he was asked to get out and in the process the smoke emitting grenade detonated. Naturally, investigation is underway and will provide more information. Rwanda is blessed with a world renowned security sector that will get to the bottom of the incident.

But despite the police statement, hostile trolls accounts like Bob Atwine’s Spyreports, Commandpost bankrolled by the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), are floating a fabricated version of “political tensions” as the cause of the attack. They draw their imagination from their sponsoring regime riddled with political tensions and assassinations. With Museveni’s health clearly getting weaker, he has killed a number of competitors and opposition to secure the “Muhoozi Project” meant to put his son in power.

Senile Museveni killed his former army Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, for opposing the “Muhooz project”. In trying to secure that his family stays in power, he killed numerous prominent Ugandans like Brig Noble Mayombo, ASP Muhammad Kirumira, Gen. James Kazini, AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, Col Ibrahim Abiriga, Yasin Kawuma amongst others. Trolls sponsored by the nepotistic murderous regime fighting to stay in power after 35 years interpret the grenade explosion in Kigali as political tension as it is the only thing they know.

With the low crime rate in Rwanda and high political stability, Senile Museveni is so envious of Rwanda that he sponsors more than just online propaganda to smear Rwanda. His regime has been proven to sponsor and harbor armed terrorist militias like RNC, FDLR and RUD-URUNANA that have failed to destabilize Rwanda.

A fiction of political tensions, that only exist in their world, is all they can achieve against Rwanda despite millions of Ugandan taxpayers moneys Wasted in their senseless anti-Rwanda agenda.

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