Hysteria as bedridden Senile Museveni’s cancer doctors give him less than a year to live

Judging by his penchant for using the projecting tactic, senile Museveni is on first forward to meet the devil in hell. He has been hinting on his imminent demise by instructing his most vicious troll, the CMI supervised Obed Karurebe, alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere to write smears suggesting that the President of Rwanda is a ‘gone case’.

In reality, it is senile Museveni who has started to see the devil beckoning from a distance. He is throwing the last kicks of a dying horse, literally. And seeing the failure of his anti-Rwanda project melt before his own eyes, he is getting desperate at every stroke of the clock. But the anti Rwanda project and his health are on a very rapid nosedive.

It is no secret that senile Museveni’s life is now a matter of time, after oncologists gave him a specified time to live. Entebbe State House has been turned into an hospital wing, First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni is also battling his longtime illness of epilepsy, the whole house is under duress and succession battles have also emerged with both Senile Museveni and his frail wife seeing different candidates. This whole mess has been the reason why Museveni has been acting weird. Apart from trying to fast-track the now declassified ‘Muhozi project’, Senile Museveni has been venting on Rwanda all the fume he has, as a parting shot, since destabilisation has failed miserably in his lifetime. The rate which he is emptying state coffers makes one wonder whether he believes he could bribe the devil to add him extra time on earth, or better still, bribe for a ‘VIP section’ in hell.

Who can forget his viral ‘press-up’ video? That too, is a desperate effort to camouflage his ill health. No matter how futile this looks to everyone else, the deluded senile ruler believes this could hoodwink Ugandans into electing him in the 2021 polls, under the impression he is still ‘ healthy and energetic’. Well, we are not sure the senile oldman will be around for the next elections. That is is why he is preparing his dim-witted son Muhoozi Kainerugaba as back-up generator.

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