Rwanda used as a pawn on the Ugandan intelligence agencies rivalry chessboard, as they plan heist after heist

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) is a collection of knuckleheads, an intelligence outfit without a single intelligent person – from the officers to the foot soldiers, in a nutshell, It’s a madhouse. It’s the wild west.

While the Ugandan intelligence organs try to portray the image of an organised team working vigilantly to secure Uganda and its population, internally, things are falling apart. The concept of command and control is non-existent as everyone fights for the operations booty sliced from senile Museveni’s COVID-19 heist and the supplementary budget which is comprised of ‘classified budget’ which in senile Museveni’s circles is euphemism for loot.

If Ugandan intelligence organs were a single house, Titus Seruga the midget attack dog would have been the window through which people can peep to follow what’s going on in the house. And believe me, he is a window that gives the very best view that you can get in that house. The Belgian based CMI troll treats us to classified information on what is going on behind the curtains, including squabbles, renegades, breakaway factions and standoffs, all resulting from one thing- money.

The world has been wondering why the intelligence services of Uganda would randomly descend on innocent Rwandan nationals and treat them with wanton brutality, leaving many permanently needing wheelchairs to move while others either died or were separated from their toddlers before being dumped at the common border with Rwanda. Answers have been sought through every possible channel – family, diplomatic, Presidential, but none have been forthcoming. Instead, we see the same intelligence smooching with condemned terrorist outfits like the RNC, FDLR, FNL, RUD- Urunana, to name but a few.

But the answer lies in the fact that senile Museveni has lost control of his forces, including the intelligence organisations who have gone on the loose. This way, Senile Museveni’s Rwanda destabilisation project went out of hand, as his own forces used the project to blackmail him for money and more money. Soon the craze for money got out of control and guess who was being used to demand ransom? You guessed right!

Enter Titus the midget. The CMI loudmouth has been our single get-way to the chaos between the different rival intelligence organisations, treating us to real-time fights, punch-for-punch, if you know what I am talking about. He first let us in on the longstanding money feuds between the boos of CMI Maj Gen Abel Kandiho and that of ISO, Rtd Col Kaka Bagyenda. Through Seruga, we got to know Kandiho’s sentiments and wishes regarding his desire for his rival to be removed from the position by senile Museveni. We were also treated to side-shows concerning operatives from the two outfits who had gone rogue, deciding to create their own intelligence faction, away from their two squabbling bosses.

But the CMI trolling midget made sure we don’t miss two things: One, that he is inclined towards kandiho’s CMI and that Rwanda was the main pawn in the thieving game being played by the two intelligence heads.

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