If IMF emergency debt qualified Rwanda as a poor country then Uganda is five times poorer

A deafening silence resonates amongst anti-Rwanda trolls sponsored by Senile Museveni following a stunning announcement that the IMF will be lending almost $500 Million to Uganda to combat support her economy that was severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic. A few weeks ago, when Rwanda sought a fifth of that amount, sponsored trolls and mouthpieces like David Murunganwa Himbara, Duncan Abigaba, Obed Katureebe, Ruhima Jonah, Gilles Muhame of Chimpreports, Sarah Kagingo of Softpower and many more, all began running a hostile narrative that Rwanda was bankrupt.

They left no stone unturned in smearing Rwanda but little did they know that Senile Museveni had requested for five times the amount but the requested was pending approval due to his corruption and lack of accountability record. It will be a very bitter pill to swallow as the IMF loan proves that everything Museveni has been saying is a lie. For hours, the 75 years old subjects Ugandans to lectures of how he has developed Uganda for the last 35 years. In his televised broadcasts, he downplays the impact of the pandemic on Uganda with delusional statement like, “Uganda will soon import via railways” or “Uganda will soon be a leading sanitizers exporter”.

It turns out it was all a big lie, the Ugandan regime is in trouble and was desperately seeking for help. Museveni must have been told to forget the 10 Billion Ugandan Shillings bribe he had promised to his Members of Parliament. He must also have surrendered his dodgy accounting books to more scrutiny. It is now obvious that in anticipation of the huge bailout out, Senile Museveni set his mouthpieces on Rwanda. All he was looking for was to prepare hearts and minds with some form of equivalence.

Blindsided, David Murunganwa Himbara and his colleagues will burry their heads in the sand. They will not be writing hostile titles like “poor countries seeking IMF help”; if that happens to be the measure of poverty, then Uganda is five times poorer than Rwanda. Senile Museveni has been lying to Ugandans for 35 years or more (if one considers the false promise made on his way to power), he equally takes them from a ride with useless scapegoating in his anti-Rwanda campaign. The IMF loan confirms that reality eventually catches up with him.

He cannot escape facts by sponsoring fantasies, slanders and rumors on Rwanda. After almost 35 years in power, his kleptocracy needs $500 million to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic challenges.

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