Senile Museveni envious of high profile investments flocking to Rwanda, avoiding Uganda due to his systemic corruption

Senile Museveni’s most vicious troll, Obed Katurebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere has apparently run out of stock of anti-Rwanda smear substance and is left with spewing hot air.

But what Museveni’s trolls will never run short of is their envy and jealousy against Rwanda. They will never cease to denigrate whatever good is Rwandan, never mind that whatever his trolls maybe criticising senile Museveni can only achieve in his dreams.

For instance, the Volkswagen firm that the Uganda Communication Commission based troll is so obsessed with tarnishing is a high profile investment that cannot set up a shop in Uganda. Uganda’s high corruption rates cannot allow the country to attract meaningful global investments. Investors cannot take their valuable investments to a place where there is no guarantee of good returns. That is why credible business investors avoid Uganda like the plague.

Senile Museveni has turned Uganda, a country with great potential into a basket case, ruled by a clique of family and friends. This why world prominent business brands have failed to prosper in Uganda; the regime’s corrupt leaders have even collapsed their own Ugandan made automobile manufacturer, Kiira Motors, the company still struggles and is yet to have its products read for market consumption after years of establishment.

Only investors with credibility issues are able to thrive in Uganda’s investment environment because of the systemic corruption at every level.

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